"Sometimes referred to as Last Mile Delivery."

  • We provide hubs at different cities. (Bangalore now.)

  • We provide you the spoke, and deliver to the customers. (Last Mile Delivery)
  • Use any courier to ship to our Hubs.
  • Save Money: Rather than shipping 10 different packages to Bangalore, Ship one big package, substantial savings up to 35%.

"A flat fee for Delivery + COD + Marketing"

  • A Flat Fee for COD + Delivery + White-Label. It is cheaper than an online payment gateway, and more effective than any other delivery service.

  • Delivery done with 1.5 days of receiving the package (less than 48 hours)
  • Flat fee is for package up to 1Kg. Additional charges applicable for extra weight.
  • COD collected transferred within 16 business hours.
  • COD collected by trained individuals.
  • Safe and assured collection. ( Insured for the full value.)

"Market your own brand and project a bigger image"

  • We deliver with your t-shirt and cap, and announce “your company” name.
    Similar to Flipkart.

  • Projects a bigger image of your company.
  • Trained delivery guys act as an extension of your marketing team, collecting
    feedback and building customer relationship.
  • Increases loyalty and gets more referral customers



  • What is Parallelway ?

    We are an extension of your Marketing team. We do Cash on Delivery with your own branding, for a flat fee.

  • What is Cash On Delivery ?

    Cash On Delivery is a service which allows your customer to pay at the time of delivery in cash instead of having to pay online while placing the order.

  • How do I signup for ParallelWay?

    Drop us an email at support@parallelway.com. We will guide you thru the next steps.

  • Service hours of ParallelWay ?

    Our service hours are from 9 am to 9 pm, on all 7 days in a week. You can drop us an email at support@parallelway.com any time, and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

  • How to get the Login Details for Merchant-Login?

    We will do this for you. Just drop us an email at support@parallelway.com and we will setup your account and send you the details.

  • Where should I login as a Merchant?

    At the top menu bar, you will find the link for Client's Login. That will take you to the merchant logic screen.

  • What kind of material/goods can be delivered using our services ?

    We are binded by law, so we are supposed to deliver products that are ordered online and are permissible to be transported legally under the jurisdiction of law.

  • How can I add a new order or view my orders in the Merchant Panel ?

    After you login, you can find the option to add new package or manage package on the left menu bar.

  • Do you have API?

    Yes, we have a rich set of API functions, to cater to all your requirement. Based on your requirement, we can send you the details. You can get started in less than 30 minutes.

About Us

We are not a Delivery Company, we are a Marketing Company.

We believe delivery of products is an extension of marketing and customer service. We bridge the gap between the customer and the company by developing customer relationship. We do this by taking the branding and marketing to the doorstep of the customers. Delivery and COD is a means to reach the end goal.

We offer the best last mile delivery solution to e-commerce companies. Our clients have saved up to 40% of their logistics expenses, and have benefited with taking their own branding to their customer.


support @ parallelway.com